If you have ideas or thoughts for an  outreach program to educate and entertain people at the farm, be sure to write or call us with such. 

With the change of seasons think of the fun and excitement you could have on a Saturday at local farm in the midst of homecooked food on the farm.  Lovetwo Farm is opening up the doors of our Educational & Events Center to Family Fun Days on the Farm.  Have a civic group or school group that like a day trip?  Call or email us for complete packet for you sign up with.  You will learn how animals and nature work together to provide food for all of us to enjoy.   Then be sure once you have finished learning to stay a little longer and enjoy - "A Country Way of Life" as we will offer hayrides, games, corn shocks, and so much more. For complete details , including costs, times available, etc email or call us today for a visitors packet.

If you are young at heart with lots of energy, try our game area.  We have many new games for 2018.  Or if you rather you can take a walk to top of our hill and look across the mountain tops for miles ~

It's a beautiful sight.

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At the end of your fun time please feel free to take home any of our many treats and gifts that we will have available for purchase.  We have a wide range of hats, shirts, hoodies, post cards, key chains, and much more.

From 2018.  Yet to be determined if this event will be held this year.

Family Fun Days  

In Past Years we held Family Fun Days.  Please check back later this year as we will determine then if this year we will be sponsoring such.  Thank you.